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What does Invesco Municipal Trust do?
Invesco Municipal Trust (NYSE:VKQ) is a specialized investment company focusing on municipal bonds to provide its shareholders with current income exempt from federal income tax. Through its portfolio, the Trust invests primarily in a diversified range of municipal securities. These securities are carefully selected to aim for high income while managing risk, making tax-exempt income its primary objective. The Trust's strategies involve a thorough market analysis to invest in municipal bonds that offer attractive yields relative to their risk. By maintaining a diversified portfolio, Invesco Municipal Trust seeks to manage risk effectively while pursuing its goal of delivering tax-free income to its shareholders. The Trust's operations demonstrate a keen focus on capital preservation and income generation, aligning with its objectives to benefit investors looking for tax-advantaged income solutions.
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Where is the head office for Invesco Municipal Trust?

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Atlanta, United States

What year was Invesco Municipal Trust founded?

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What does Invesco Municipal Trust specialise in?
/Investment Services /Municipal Bonds /Tax-Exempt Income /Long-Term Capital /Diversified Portfolio /Asset Management

What are the products and/or services of Invesco Municipal Trust?

Overview of Invesco Municipal Trust offerings
Tax-Exempt Fixed Income, offering investors income free from federal income tax through investments in municipal bonds.
Closed-End Fund Management, providing diversified fixed income portfolios managed by experienced professionals.
Leveraged Municipal Strategies, utilizing leverage to enhance yield on tax-exempt income for higher risk-tolerant investors.
Income-Oriented Solutions, focusing on generating regular dividend income for shareholders.
Interest Rate Hedging Strategies, designed to manage and mitigate the impact of rising interest rates on portfolios.
Credit Analysis and Research, ensuring investment in high-quality municipal securities through rigorous credit assessment.

Who is in the executive team of Invesco Municipal Trust?

Invesco Municipal Trust leadership team
  • Mr. Colin D. Meadows
    Mr. Colin D. Meadows
    Principal Executive Officer and President
  • Mr. Mark E. Paris
    Mr. Mark E. Paris
    Portfolio Manager
  • Mr. Robert J. Stryker CFA
    Mr. Robert J. Stryker CFA
    Portfolio Manager
  • Mr. James D. Phillips
    Mr. James D. Phillips
    Portfolio Manager
  • Mr. Julius D. Williams
    Mr. Julius D. Williams
    Portfolio Manager
  • Mr. John  Connelly
    Mr. John Connelly
    Portfolio Manager
  • Mr. Tim  O'Reilly
    Mr. Tim O'Reilly
    Portfolio Manager