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What does Invesco California Value MuniTr do?
Invesco California Value Municipal Income Trust (NYSE:VCV) specializes in investments primarily focused on California municipal bonds. These bonds offer potential tax-free income, appealing to investors seeking to minimize their tax liabilities while investing within California. The trust aims to provide its shareholders with a high level of current income exempt from federal and California state taxes, investing at least 80% of its total assets in California municipal securities rated at the time of investment as investment-grade or unrated securities considered by the investment adviser to be of comparable quality. Invesco California Value Muni's strategy revolves around selecting undervalued bonds that present opportunities for income and capital appreciation, contributing to the financial well-being of its investors by leveraging the tax advantages these municipal bonds offer.
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Where is the head office for Invesco California Value MuniTr?

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Atlanta, United States

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What does Invesco California Value MuniTr specialise in?
/Municipal Bonds /Investment Management /Income Distribution /Fund Securities /Tax-Exempt Investments /Portfolio Diversification

What are the products and/or services of Invesco California Value MuniTr?

Overview of Invesco California Value MuniTr offerings
Municipal bond investments focused on California providing tax-free income.
Portfolio management aimed at preserving capital and maintaining liquidity.
Diversification strategies across various sectors within California's municipal market.
Interest rate analysis to optimize the bond portfolio's performance.
Credit research to assess and mitigate risks associated with municipal bonds.
Engagement in community development projects through investment in municipal bonds.

Who is in the executive team of Invesco California Value MuniTr?

Invesco California Value MuniTr leadership team
  • Mr. Colin D. Meadows
    Mr. Colin D. Meadows
    Principal Executive Officer and President
  • Mr. Julius D. Williams
    Mr. Julius D. Williams
    Portfolio Manager
  • Mr. Robert J. Stryker CFA
    Mr. Robert J. Stryker CFA
    Senior Portfolio Manager
  • Mr. Mark E. Paris
    Mr. Mark E. Paris
    Portfolio Manager
  • Mr. James D. Phillips
    Mr. James D. Phillips
    Portfolio Manager
  • Mr. John  Connelly
    Mr. John Connelly
    Portfolio Manager
  • Mr. Tim  O'Reilly
    Mr. Tim O'Reilly
    Portfolio Manager