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What does Invesco Advantage MIT II do?
Invesco Advantage MIT II (NYSEAMERICAN:VKI) focuses on creating a diversified investment portfolio with an aim to maximize income for its investors while keeping an eye on capital appreciation. It navigates the complexities of the market by investing across a variety of sectors, ensuring a balanced approach to risk and opportunity. The company is keen on identifying and capitalizing on investments that offer the best potential returns, guided by a strategic approach to asset allocation. The main objectives of Invesco Advantage MIT II include delivering consistent income, ensuring capital preservation, and seeking long-term growth through a mix of strategies that adapt to changing market conditions.
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How many people does Invesco Advantage MIT II employ?


What sector is Invesco Advantage MIT II in?

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Where is the head office for Invesco Advantage MIT II?

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Head Office
Atlanta, United States

What year was Invesco Advantage MIT II founded?

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Year Founded
What does Invesco Advantage MIT II specialise in?
/Investment Management /Fixed Income /Asset Allocation /Portfolio Optimization /Risk Management /Institutional Services

What are the products and/or services of Invesco Advantage MIT II?

Overview of Invesco Advantage MIT II offerings
Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) offering diverse investment opportunities in multiple sectors.
Mutual Funds providing a variety of risk/return investment options to meet individual financial goals.
Retirement Plans offering custom solutions for long-term savings and investment strategies.
Asset Management Services delivering professional handling of portfolios to optimize returns.
Financial Advisory Services providing expert guidance for investment decisions and wealth management.
Real Estate Investments offering opportunities in commercial and residential properties for portfolio diversification.

Who is in the executive team of Invesco Advantage MIT II?

Invesco Advantage MIT II leadership team
  • Mr. Colin D. Meadows
    Mr. Colin D. Meadows
    Principal Executive Officer and President
  • Mr. Mark E. Paris
    Mr. Mark E. Paris
    Portfolio Manager
  • Mr. Robert J. Stryker CFA
    Mr. Robert J. Stryker CFA
    Portfolio Manager
  • Mr. James D. Phillips
    Mr. James D. Phillips
    Portfolio Manager
  • Mr. Julius D. Williams
    Mr. Julius D. Williams
    Portfolio Manager
  • Mr. John  Connelly
    Mr. John Connelly
    Senior Portfolio Manager
  • Mr. Tim  O'Reilly
    Mr. Tim O'Reilly
    Portfolio Manager