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What does InspireMD do?
InspireMD (NASDAQ:NSPR) is a medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative solutions for vascular and coronary disease. The company's main project revolves around its proprietary MicroNet technology—a mesh sleeve designed to wrap around stents to prevent plaque and thrombus (blood clots) from blocking blood vessels after procedures. InspireMD aims to transform how vascular and coronary interventions are performed, striving for higher success rates and better patient outcomes. Their objectives include expanding the clinical application of their technology, gaining regulatory approvals in key markets, and establishing partnerships to enhance distribution and adoption worldwide. The company's dedication to innovation puts it at the forefront of addressing significant challenges in cardiovascular care.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for InspireMD?

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Tel Aviv, Israel

What year was InspireMD founded?

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What does InspireMD specialise in?
/Medical Devices /Vascular Stents /Intravascular Therapies /Carotid Stenting /CGuard EPS /MGuard Prime

What are the products and/or services of InspireMD?

Overview of InspireMD offerings
CGuard™ EPS is a carotid artery disease treatment device designed to prevent stroke by utilizing MicroNet™ technology to trap potential emboli.
MicroNet™ is a patented bio-stable mesh designed to prevent plaque and thrombus embolization from treated arterial disease sites, enhancing vascular healing.
MGuard Prime™ EPS offers a unique combination of a coronary stent merged with MicroNet mesh for heart attack patients, aiming to protect against embolism and improve clinical outcomes.
The MGuard™ Coronary Stent System incorporates MicroNet mesh to provide embolic protection specifically in patients with STEMI, acute myocardial infarction.
PVGuard™ EPS is designed for peripheral vascular applications, employing MicroNet mesh to safeguard against embolic events in limbs, enhancing blood flow.

Who is in the executive team of InspireMD?

InspireMD leadership team
  • Mr. Marvin L. Slosman
    Mr. Marvin L. Slosman
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Craig  Shore
    Mr. Craig Shore
    CFO, Chief Administrative Officer, Secretary & Treasurer
  • Mr. Andrea  Tommasoli
    Mr. Andrea Tommasoli
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Amir  Kohen
    Mr. Amir Kohen
    Vice President of Finance & Human Resources
  • Mr. Shane Thomas Gleason
    Mr. Shane Thomas Gleason
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Dr. Patrick A. Verta DVM, M.D., MS Stat
    Dr. Patrick A. Verta DVM, M.D., MS Stat
    Executive Vice President of Clinical & Medical Affairs
  • Mr. Pete  Ligotti
    Mr. Pete Ligotti
    Executive VP & GM of North America
  • Dr. Sol J. Barer Ph.D.
    Dr. Sol J. Barer Ph.D.
    Special Advisor to the Board