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What does Inspire International ESG ETF do?
Inspire International ESG ETF (NYSEARCA:WWJD) focuses on investing with a conscience, utilizing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria to select international companies for its portfolio. This approach aims not just at generating returns for its investors but also at making a positive difference in the world. Operations revolve around meticulously screening potential investments to ensure they align with Biblically responsible investing principles, steering clear of businesses involved in activities contrary to these values. WWJD’s projects include building a diversified portfolio of international equities that meet strict ESG and ethical criteria, with the objective to offer investors growth opportunities through responsible investment choices. By prioritizing ethical considerations alongside financial performance, Inspire International ESG ETF seeks to inspire a new way of investing that is conscious of its impact on the planet and society.
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San Jose, United States

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/Socially Responsible /Diversified Portfolio /Global Exposure /Environmental Impact /Sustainable Investing /Corporate Governance

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Overview of Inspire International ESG ETF offerings
Global Clean Energy Initiatives, focusing on investments in renewable energies across various countries.
Water Purification Technologies, supporting projects aimed at improving accessibility to clean water worldwide.
Sustainable Agriculture Practices, funding innovative farming techniques that reduce environmental impact.
Eco-Friendly Transportation Solutions, investing in electric and hybrid vehicles and infrastructure.
Affordable and Clean Energy Programs, dedicated to expanding access to clean energy in underdeveloped regions.
Waste Reduction and Recycling Projects, endorsing initiatives that promote recycling and minimize waste production.