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Inhibikase Therapeutics (NASDAQ:IKT) is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on developing therapies for neurodegenerative diseases, notably Parkinson's disease and related disorders. By targeting the underlying pathologies that contribute to these conditions, Inhibikase aims to halt or slow their progression. The company's pipeline includes projects that explore innovative treatment approaches, leveraging kinase inhibition strategies to potentially safeguard neuronal function and improve outcomes for patients facing these challenging diseases. Their objective is to transform the therapeutic landscape for neurodegenerative disorders through science-driven innovation, offering hope to patients and families affected by these debilitating conditions.
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Health Care

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Atlanta, United States

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/Neurodegenerative Diseases /Parkinson's Treatment /Pharmaceutical Development /Imatinib Therapy /Biomarker Identification /Clinical Trials

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Overview of Inhibikase Therapeutics Inc offerings
IkT-148009, a c-Abl tyrosine kinase inhibitor aimed at treating Parkinson's disease and related disorders.
IkT-001Pro, a formulation enhancement of imatinib for improved brain penetration and efficacy against neurodegenerative diseases.
Abelson Tyrosine Kinase (c-Abl) Inhibition Platform, targeting the underlying pathology of neurodegenerative conditions by inhibiting c-Abl.
RAMP™ technology, a proprietary drug delivery platform designed to enhance the delivery of therapeutics across the blood-brain barrier.
IkT-01427, a second-generation c-Abl tyrosine kinase inhibitor for broader neurodegenerative disease applications.
Pipeline of kinase inhibitors in various stages of preclinical development targeting diseases with high unmet medical needs.

Who is in the executive team of Inhibikase Therapeutics Inc?

Inhibikase Therapeutics Inc leadership team
  • Dr. Milton H. Werner Ph.D.
    Dr. Milton H. Werner Ph.D.
    CEO, President & Director
  • Mr. Garth  Lees-Rolfe
    Mr. Garth Lees-Rolfe
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Roger  Rush
    Dr. Roger Rush
    Head of Preclinical Research
  • Dr. Surendra  Singh
    Dr. Surendra Singh
    Head of Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls
  • Dr. Charles Warren Olanow B.Sc., F.R.C.P.C., M.D.
    Dr. Charles Warren Olanow B.Sc., F.R.C.P.C., M.D.
    CEO of Clintrex Research Corporation & Member of Scientific Advisory Board
  • Dan  Williams
    Dan Williams