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Infinity Lithium (ASX:INF) is a lithium project developer focused on developing the San José Lithium Project in Spain. The San José Lithium Project is one of the largest and highest-grade hard rock lithium deposits in Europe. Infinity Lithium's operations are focused on advancing the San José Lithium Project towards production. The company has completed a scoping study, which demonstrated the technical and economic feasibility of developing an underground mine and integrated lithium chemical production facility at the project.
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Perth, Australia

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/Lithium /Mining /Exploration /Battery metals /Energy /Resources

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San José Lithium Project (Spain): expected to produce 525,000 tonnes per annum of concentrate, including 16,500tpa of battery-grade lithium hydroxide. The project is also expected to create over 1,000 jobs in the Extremadura region.

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Infinity Lithium leadership team
  • Mr. Ryan  Parkin
    Mr. Ryan Parkin
    MD, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Jonathan David Whyte B.Com, B.Com., C.A., CA
    Mr. Jonathan David Whyte B.Com, B.Com., C.A., CA
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Jon  Starink BChemE(Hons), BSC (Hons), FAusIMM, FIEAus, MApplSc
    Mr. Jon Starink BChemE(Hons), BSC (Hons), FAusIMM, FIEAus, MApplSc
    CTO & Executive Director
  • Mr. Ramon Jimenez Serrano
    Mr. Ramon Jimenez Serrano
    Executive Director
  • Mr. Cayetano  Polo
    Mr. Cayetano Polo
    Head of Institutional Relations-Spain