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What does Industrial Minerals do?
Industrial Minerals (ASX:IND) is an Australian exploration company focused on unearthing three high-demand critical minerals (lithium, high purity quartz and silica sands). The company has a portfolio of silica sands tenements across Western Australia as well as a quartz and lithium project in the Pilbara.
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Where is the head office for Industrial Minerals?

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Head Office
Perth, Australia

What year was Industrial Minerals founded?

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What does Industrial Minerals specialise in?
/Western Australia /Lithium /Silica sands /Critical minerals /Quartz /Pilbara /Mid-west

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Overview of Industrial Minerals offerings
Pippingarra Project: Option to acquire 80% interest in non construction mineral rights to the operating Pippingarra Quarry, includes lithium and high purity quartz (HPQ).
High Purity Silica Sand (HPSS): IND boasts a portfolio of 21 HPSS tenements across the state, strategically positioned to supply the booming solar PV industry.

Who is in the executive team of Industrial Minerals?

Industrial Minerals leadership team
  • Mr. Jeffrey  Sweet
    Mr. Jeffrey Sweet
    CEO, MD & Director
  • Mr. Alexander James Neuling ACIS, BSc, FCA (ICAEW), FCIS
    Mr. Alexander James Neuling ACIS, BSc, FCA (ICAEW), FCIS
    Company Secretary & Independent Non Executive Director
  • Ms. Natalie  Madden B.Sc., BSc, F.C.A., FCA
    Ms. Natalie Madden B.Sc., BSc, F.C.A., FCA
    Company Secretary