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What does ImmuCell do?
ImmuCell (NASDAQ:ICCC) focuses on developing and producing products that improve animal health and productivity in the dairy and beef industries. Known for its innovative approach, the company mainly operates within the bovine health sector, striving to provide effective solutions for mastitis, one of the most costly diseases affecting dairy cows. Among its flagship projects is First Defense®, a unique product designed to prevent this disease in newborn calves, showcasing ImmuCell's dedication to enhancing immune responses without relying on antibiotics. With a strong belief in sustainable and responsible animal care, ImmuCell’s objectives include continuing to expand its product line, improving farm profitability and animal welfare, and addressing the pressing issue of antibiotic resistance in agriculture.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for ImmuCell ?

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Portland, United States

What year was ImmuCell founded?

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What does ImmuCell specialise in?
/Animal Health /Dairy Industry /Mastitis Treatment /First Defense Capsules /Therapeutic Antibodies /Innovative Treatments

What are the products and/or services of ImmuCell ?

Overview of ImmuCell offerings
First Defense, a non-antibiotic preventative for scours in calves, providing immediate immunity against E. coli, coronavirus, and rotavirus.
California Mastitis Test (CMT), a somatic cell count test that helps dairy producers manage udder health and milk quality.
Tri-Shield First Defense, an extension of the First Defense line, offering broader protection against scours in calves.
Purishield line of products, designed to protect animals from environmental pathogens.
Dual-Force First Defense, combining the benefits of immediate immunity against pathogens that cause scours with technology to support gut health.

Who is in the executive team of ImmuCell ?

ImmuCell leadership team
  • Mr. Michael F. Brigham
    Mr. Michael F. Brigham
    President, CEO, Principal Financial Officer, Treasurer, Secretary & Director
  • Ms. Bobbi Jo Brockmann
    Ms. Bobbi Jo Brockmann
    VP of Sales & Marketing and Director
  • Elizabeth S. Toothaker
    Elizabeth S. Toothaker
    Director of Finance & Administration and Controller
  • Mr. A. Gustavo Scaffa
    Mr. A. Gustavo Scaffa
    Senior Director of Quality
  • John W. Zinckgraf
    John W. Zinckgraf
    Director of Product Development