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What does IDX Dynamic Innovation ETF do?
IDX Dynamic Innovation ETF (NASDAQ:DYNI) is an exchange-traded fund that seeks to invest in a portfolio of companies positioned to benefit from innovation and technological advancements across a variety of industries. Operating with the objective to provide investors with exposure to dynamic sectors, IDYN aims to tap into growth opportunities by selecting firms demonstrating strong innovation potential. The fund is designed for investors looking for targeted exposure to companies that are driving or expected to drive technological innovation, including but not limited to areas such as digital transformation, health tech, and clean energy. Through its strategic investments, IDX Dynamic Innovation ETF strives to offer a diversified way to capitalize on the innovation-led growth within the evolving global marketplace.
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Scottsdale, United States

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/Investment Management /Equity ETF /Technology Sector /Market Index /Risk Management /Financial Services

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Overview of IDX Dynamic Innovation ETF offerings
Focused on groundbreaking technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning to push the envelope in tech development.
Invests in healthcare innovation, prioritizing revolutionary medical devices and telehealth advancements.
Emphasizes clean energy solutions, supporting projects in solar, wind, and renewable energy technologies for a sustainable future.
Engages in financial tech innovations, backing platforms that revolutionize payments, online banking, and personal finance management.
Supports advanced manufacturing and robotics, aiming to improve efficiency and productivity in various industries.
Invests in emerging market innovations, highlighting technologies that address unique challenges and opportunities in developing regions.