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What does Ideanomics do?
Ideanomics (NASDAQ:IDEX) is a global company focused on facilitating the adoption of commercial electric vehicles and developing financial services and fintech products. The company operates through two main divisions: Ideanomics Mobility and Ideanomics Capital. Ideanomics Mobility aims to drive the innovation and adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by offering vehicle procurement, charging infrastructure, and financing solutions. On the other hand, Ideanomics Capital is dedicated to bridging the gap between the financial services sector and the latest technological advancements in blockchain and artificial intelligence. With a commitment to sustainability and technology-driven services, Ideanomics strives to revolutionize both the transportation and financial industries, aligning its projects and objectives with the evolving needs of a digital economy and a cleaner, more sustainable world.
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What sector is Ideanomics in?

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Information Technology

Where is the head office for Ideanomics?

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New York, United States

What year was Ideanomics founded?

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What does Ideanomics specialise in?
/Fintech Solutions /EV Infrastructure /Blockchain Technology /Digital Asset Management /Energy Storage /AI Services

What are the products and/or services of Ideanomics?

Overview of Ideanomics offerings
Electric Vehicle Acquisition: Ideanomics sources and helps procure electric vehicles for commercial applications, such as delivery trucks, buses, and industrial vehicles.
Charging Infrastructure Design & Implementation: They design and install charging stations for fleets and potentially public locations.
EV Fleet Management Solutions: Ideanomics might offer software or services to help businesses manage their electric vehicle fleets.
Energy Management Services for EVs: This could involve optimizing charging schedules and energy use for electric fleets.
Financial Leasing & Loans for EVs: Ideanomics provides financing options to make electric vehicles more accessible for commercial customers.
EV Fintech Products: They might develop financial technology products specifically for the electric vehicle market.

Who is in the executive team of Ideanomics?

Ideanomics leadership team
  • Mr. Shane B.  McMahon
    Mr. Shane B. McMahon
    Founder & Independent Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Alfred P. Poor
    Mr. Alfred P. Poor
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Robin J. D. Mackie
    Mr. Robin J. D. Mackie
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Anthony  Sklar
    Anthony Sklar
    Senior Vice President of Investor Relations
  • Dr. Zheng  Wu
    Dr. Zheng Wu
    Chairman Emeritus
  • Mr. Ryan M. Jenkins
    Mr. Ryan M. Jenkins
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. George  Yuan
    Dr. George Yuan
    Chief Technology Officer of BBDCG
  • Mr. Jun  Zhu
    Mr. Jun Zhu
    Chief Operating Officer - Mobile Energy Group