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What does iClick Interactive Asia Group do?
iClick Interactive Asia Group (NASDAQ:ICLK) specializes in providing online marketing and data solutions, primarily in the Asian market. This company leverages advanced technology to offer integrated solutions that help businesses target, reach, and engage with their audience effectively across various digital platforms. By utilizing big data and artificial intelligence, iClick customizes its services to meet the unique needs of its clients, aiming to enhance their marketing strategies and boost their online presence. Projects range from digital advertising campaigns to data analysis and consumer insights, all designed to drive growth and improve performance. iClick's objective is to empower businesses with the tools and insights needed to thrive in the digital age, ensuring they can make data-driven decisions to connect with their target audiences more efficiently and effectively.
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What sector is iClick Interactive Asia Group in?

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Communication Services

Where is the head office for iClick Interactive Asia Group?

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Head Office
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

What year was iClick Interactive Asia Group founded?

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Year Founded
What does iClick Interactive Asia Group specialise in?
/Digital Marketing /Consumer Profiling /Mobile Advertising /Data Solutions /Marketing Automation /Programmatic Advertising

What are the products and/or services of iClick Interactive Asia Group?

Overview of iClick Interactive Asia Group offerings
Enterprise and marketing cloud solutions, integrating data, technology, and marketing for globalization strategies.
Mobile audience solutions, utilizing precise targeting for advertisers based on complex datasets.
International Smart Retail solutions, enhancing global retail strategy through data-driven insights.
iAUDIENCE, a proprietary platform that maps Chinese netizens’ behavior, offering detailed consumer profiles.
iACCESS, a self-service platform helping advertisers efficiently reach their target audience in China.
iSCRM, a custom-built management system for maintaining customer relationships and supporting sales growth.

Who is in the executive team of iClick Interactive Asia Group?

iClick Interactive Asia Group leadership team
  • Dr. Jian  Tang
    Dr. Jian Tang
    Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman
  • Mr. Wing Hong  Hsieh
    Mr. Wing Hong Hsieh
    Co-Founder & Director
  • Ms. Yuk Chun  Ngai
    Ms. Yuk Chun Ngai
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Yaqin  Shen
    Yaqin Shen
    Investor Relations Contact
  • Mr. Jianbang  Ho
    Mr. Jianbang Ho
    Executive VP & President of International Business
  • Mr. Yong  Zhao
    Mr. Yong Zhao
    Executive VP & President of Smart Retail