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ICHI (CRYPTO:ICHI) is an easy way to invest in and manage your assets. Instead of having to rebalance your portfolio and invest in new assets yourself, ICHI does it all for you. And because everything is recorded on the blockchain, you can always see exactly where your money is going. ICHI also offers a number of other services that make it a valuable tool for investors, including asset allocation, tax optimization, and risk management. Overall, ICHI is a powerful and versatile asset management platform that can be used by investors of all levels of experience.
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Tokyo, Japan

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/Olympus Pro Ecosystem /Yield Farming

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Overview of ICHI offerings
Asset allocation: ICHI's asset allocation algorithm helps users invest in a diversified portfolio of assets, which reduces their risk and maximizes their returns.
Automated yield farming: ICHI automates the process of yield farming, so users don't have to worry about rebalancing their portfolios or choosing the right pools to farm in.
Community governance: ICHI holders have a say in the future of the platform, including which assets to add to the platform and how the platform should be operated.
Portfolio management: ICHI provides a variety of portfolio management tools, such as rebalancing and tax optimization, which helps users manage their investments more effectively.
Risk management: ICHI offers a number of risk management tools, such as stop-loss orders and take-profit orders, which helps users protect their investments from losses.
Single-sided liquidity provision: ICHI allows users to provide liquidity to pools with only one asset, which reduces their risk and maximizes their capital efficiency.