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What does Huize Holding Ltd do?
Huize Holding (NASDAQ:HUIZ) specializes in providing a digital insurance platform for new generation consumers in China, aiming to make insurance services more accessible and tailored to individual needs. Through its innovative technology and big data analytics, Huize offers a wide range of insurance products and services designed to meet the varying demands of its user base, from life and health insurance to travel and property insurance. The company focuses on simplifying the insurance buying process and enhancing customer satisfaction by providing personalized insurance solutions and efficient claim processing. Huize's objective is to leverage technology to demystify insurance policies, making them more comprehensible and affordable for consumers, thus promoting greater financial security across its market.
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Where is the head office for Huize Holding Ltd?

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Head Office
Shenzhen, China

What year was Huize Holding Ltd founded?

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What does Huize Holding Ltd specialise in?
/Insurance Platform /Risk Management /Insurance Brokerage /Digital Transformation /Fintech Solution /Insurance Consultancy

What are the products and/or services of Huize Holding Ltd?

Overview of Huize Holding Ltd offerings
Online insurance products marketplace offering diversified insurance products.
Customized insurance solutions tailored to individual customer needs.
Big data and cloud computing services to optimize insurance product offerings.
Insurance management and operation support services for insurance companies.
Innovative insurtech solutions to enhance online insurance distribution.
Consulting services for product design and marketing strategies in the insurance sector.

Who is in the executive team of Huize Holding Ltd?

Huize Holding Ltd leadership team
  • Mr. Cunjun  Ma
    Mr. Cunjun Ma
    Founder, Chairman & CEO
  • Ms. Xuchun  Luo
    Ms. Xuchun Luo
    Secretary of the Board of Directors & Director
  • Mr. Minghan  Xiao
    Mr. Minghan Xiao
    Co-Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Kwok Ho  Tam
    Mr. Kwok Ho Tam
    Co-Chief Financial Officer
  • Harriet  Hu
    Harriet Hu
    Investor Relations Director