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What does Huobi Token do?
Huobi Token (CRYPTO:HT) is the native cryptocurrency of the Huobi Global cryptocurrency exchange. HT is used to pay for trading fees on Huobi Global, and it also offers a number of other benefits to HT holders, such as discounts on trading fees, access to exclusive features and products, and participation in the Huobi Global governance process. Huobi Global is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and HT is one of the most popular utility tokens in the cryptocurrency industry. Huobi Global is constantly working to develop new products and services, and it is committed to promoting the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The objectives of Huobi Token are to make HT the most widely used utility token in the cryptocurrency industry, and to promote the development of the Huobi Global ecosystem. Huobi Global believes that HT can play a major role in achieving these objectives by providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly way to pay for trading fees and access exclusive features and products.
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What does Huobi Token specialise in?
/Alameda Research Portfolio /Centralized Exchange (CEX) Token /Discount Token /Kenetic Capital Portfolio /Marketplace /Payments

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Overview of Huobi Token offerings
Access to exclusive features and products: HT holders have access to exclusive features and products on Huobi Global, such as early access to new listings, participation in exclusive events, and access to exclusive trading tools.
Discounts on trading fees: HT holders can receive discounts on trading fees on Huobi Global. The discount rate depends on the amount of HT held.
Participation in the Huobi Global governance process: HT holders can participate in the Huobi Global governance process by voting on proposals that affect the exchange.

Who is in the executive team of Huobi Token?

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    Leon Li
    Founder and CEO at Huobi Group

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Huobi Global

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Jump Capital