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Horizon Kinetics Medical ETF (NASDAQ:MEDX) focuses on investments within the healthcare and medical sectors, aiming to capitalize on innovation, research and development, and the evolving landscape of medical technology. This ETF targets companies spanning biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare services, striving to offer investors exposure to the growth potential of the medical field. Horizon Kinetics Medical ETF seeks to identify undervalued companies with the potential for significant impact and growth within the healthcare sector, aiming to deliver long-term value to its investors. Its objective is to harness the transformative power of medical advancements and healthcare innovations, positioning its portfolio to benefit from global healthcare trends and the increasing demand for medical technologies and services.
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New York, United States

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/Investment Management /Medical Sector /Exchange Traded Fund /Portfolio Diversification /Risk Management /Asset Growth

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Overview of Horizon Kinetics Medical ETF offerings
Exposure to First-Line Pharmaceuticals and Biologics: MEDX focuses on companies with patented first-line pharmaceuticals and biologics. These products often have high profit margins and significant barriers to entry, potentially leading to strong returns.
Active Management: Unlike passively managed ETFs, MEDX is actively managed by Horizon Kinetics LLC. This means the fund manager selects individual stocks based on their analysis and investment thesis, aiming to outperform the broader market.
Long-Term Focus: MEDX employs a long-term investment strategy, seeking to capture returns through both intrinsic valuation realization and scientific discovery. This approach emphasizes long-term growth potential rather than short-term market fluctuations.
Diversification: While focused on the healthcare sector, MEDX holds a diversified portfolio of 25-50 companies. This helps mitigate risk compared to investing in individual stocks.
Potential for Income: MEDX distributes dividends to shareholders, providing a potential source of income alongside capital appreciation.
Access to Specialized Expertise: By investing in MEDX, investors gain access to the expertise and analysis of Horizon Kinetics, a firm focused on the healthcare sector.