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Horizon Gold (ASX:HRN) is a gold exploration and development company with a focus on its Gum Creek Gold Project in Western Australia. Horizon Gold's operations are focused on the exploration and development of the Gum Creek Gold Project. The company is also continuing to explore the project with the aim of increasing the gold resource base and enhancing the project's development options. Horizon Gold's objectives are to deliver further value for its shareholders through the completion of the free milling open pit scoping study and continued cost-effective exploration programs.
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Freemantle, Western Australia

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/Gold /Exploration /Resources /Mining /Western Australia

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Gum Creek Gold Project: lies 640km northeast of Perth and 90km from Sandstone and spans 663 sq. km, with JORC 2012 Mineral Resources of 44.45 million tonnes at 1.50g/t Au, containing 2.14 million ounces of gold. Situated in a gold region alongside notable deposits like Big Bell, Wiluna, Mt Magnet, Meekatharra, and Agnew/Lawlers, the project has 48 identified exploration targets.

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Horizon Gold leadership team
  • Mr. Leigh Ronald Ryan B.Sc., BSc (Geology), MAIG
    Mr. Leigh Ronald Ryan B.Sc., BSc (Geology), MAIG
    MD & Director
  • Mr. Trevor R. O'Connor C.A.
    Mr. Trevor R. O'Connor C.A.
    Company Secretary