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What does Horizen do?
Horizen (CRYPTO:ZEN), formerly known as ZenCash, is a blockchain platform focused on privacy, security, and interoperability. Its operations revolve around providing a private and secure ecosystem for data and cryptocurrency transactions. Horizen offers cutting-edge cryptographic technologies that enable private, shielded transactions, while also incorporating sidechains to enhance scalability and interoperability. The platform is continuously evolving through projects like Zendoo, which allows businesses to create their sidechains linked to the Horizen mainchain, making it a versatile platform. Horizen's objectives include promoting financial privacy, secure data storage, and providing a robust ecosystem for businesses to develop decentralized applications while ensuring user-friendly experiences with an emphasis on privacy and security.
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Where is the head office for Horizen?

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Delaware, United States

What year was Horizen founded?

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What does Horizen specialise in?
/Content Creation /DCG Portfolio /Enterprise Solutions /Masternodes /Medium of Exchange /Mineable /Platform /PoW /Scaling /Sidechain /Smart Contracts /Staking /Zero Knowledge Proofs

What are the products and/or services of Horizen?

Overview of Horizen offerings
Horizen Academy: Educational resources and documentation for users, developers, and businesses to gain a better understanding of blockchain technology, privacy, and using the Horizen platform effectively.
Horizen SDK: A software development kit that makes it simpler for developers to create decentralized applications on the Horizen platform.
Horizen Secure Node System: An incentivized node network that enhances the platform's security and stability by offering reliable nodes for various blockchain services. Node operators earn ZEN rewards.
Horizen Services Directory: A hub connecting users with various blockchain-based services, promoting a broader Horizen ecosystem.
Horizen Sidechain Platform: A system allowing businesses and developers to create their sidechains, thereby enhancing scalability and interoperability. The Zendoo protocol enables these connections.
Horizen Wallets: Secure wallets available for different devices to manage and use ZEN, ensuring private and transparent transactions.

Who is in the executive team of Horizen?

Horizen leadership team
  • Lucy Wang
    Lucy Wang
    VP of Marketing
  • Rob Viglione
    Rob Viglione
    Co-founder & Team Lead
  • Rolf Versluis
    Rolf Versluis
    Co-founder & Executive Advisor
  • Rosario Pabst
    Rosario Pabst
    Director Product & Engineering