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What does HI do?
hi (CRYPTO:HI) is a Web3 neobank that aims to simplify the management and utilization of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Its operations encompass a cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates buying, selling, and trading of digital assets. Additionally, hi issues a debit card enabling users to spend their cryptocurrencies at establishments that accept Visa or Mastercard. To further enhance financial accessibility, hi offers a savings account that accrues interest on both crypto and fiat deposits. hi's ongoing projects include the development of a mobile app to streamline access to its products and services. Furthermore, the company is actively integrating with other Web3 platforms, expanding the range of applications for cryptocurrencies. With a commitment to leveraging blockchain technology, hi is exploring avenues to make financial services more accessible and affordable for all. In essence, hi's objective revolves around simplifying the use and management of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, making them more accessible and seamlessly integrated into everyday financial transactions. By embracing blockchain technology and fostering innovative solutions, hi seeks to revolutionize the financial landscape and empower individuals to take control of their finances.
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