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What does HHG Capital Unit do?
HHG Capital (NASDAQ:HHGC) is a versatile entity, primarily focused on identifying, acquiring, and managing a diverse portfolio of projects and companies. With a keen eye for value and growth, HHG Capital is engaged in exploring opportunities across various sectors, aiming to maximize shareholder returns through strategic investments and partnerships. The core objectives of HHG Capital encompass fostering innovation, driving operational excellence, and pursuing sustainable growth strategies. At its heart, HHG Capital is dedicated to nurturing and expanding its portfolio through both organic growth initiatives and strategic acquisitions, adapting to dynamic market conditions to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.
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Where is the head office for HHG Capital Unit?

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Singapore, Singapore

What year was HHG Capital Unit founded?

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What does HHG Capital Unit specialise in?
/Investment Management /Strategic Advisory /Wealth Management /Real Estate /Capital Growth /Project Finance

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Overview of HHG Capital Unit offerings
Capital Raising: HHGC raises money through an initial public offering (IPO) by selling shares to investors.
Acquisition Target Identification: After the IPO, HHGC management searches for a private company to acquire, focusing on a specific industry sector or niche.
Merger with Target Company: HHGC negotiates a merger agreement with a target company. The target company becomes publicly traded through this business combination.
Post-Merger Operations: After the merger, the target company operates under its own name and business model as a public company. HHGC essentially ceases to exist as a separate entity.
Investor Benefits: Investors in HHGC are hoping to profit from the potential growth of the acquired company after it goes public through the merger.
Time Limit for Acquisition: HHGC typically has a limited timeframe (around 2 years) to identify and complete a merger with a target company. If they fail to do so, the funds raised in the IPO are returned to investors, minus any acquisition expenses.

Who is in the executive team of HHG Capital Unit?

HHG Capital Unit leadership team
  • Mr. Chee Shiong  Kok
    Mr. Chee Shiong Kok
    CEO & Director
  • Ms. Shuk Man  Chan
    Ms. Shuk Man Chan
    Chief Financial Officer