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HELLO Labs (CRYPTO:HELLO), led by Grammy-nominated creative director Paul Caslin, is a Web3-focused ecosystem headquartered in Los Angeles. The company undertakes media production, game development, NFT distribution, and startup incubation. Their media division creates Web3 content like "Killer Whales" and "The Crypto Kids." In gaming, they offer play-to-earn titles such as "Doge Dash" and "Dash of the Dead." The labs division nurtures early-stage Web3 ventures with funding and mentorship. HELLO Labs is actively involved in several projects including the HELLO Metaverse, a virtual world, the HELLO NFT Marketplace for trading NFTs, and the HELLO Token, a utility token for their ecosystem. Their goal is to enhance accessibility and engagement in crypto entertainment, recognizing its potential to revolutionize content consumption. HELLO Labs aims to mainstream Web3 and foster a sustainable ecosystem.
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Los Angeles, California

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/BNB Smart Chain /Entertainment /Ethereum Ecosystem /Gaming /Media /Platform

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Overview of HELLO Labs offerings
NFT marketplace: HELLO Labs is developing an NFT marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs.
Original programming: HELLO Labs produces original programming for the Web3 audience, such as the reality TV show "Killer Whales" and the animated series "The Crypto Kids".
Play-to-earn games: HELLO Labs develops and publishes play-to-earn games, such as "Doge Dash" and "Dash of the Dead".
Utility token development: HELLO Labs has developed a utility token called the HELLO Token, which is used to power the HELLO ecosystem.
Virtual world development: HELLO Labs is developing a virtual world called the HELLO Metaverse, where users can play games, watch shows, and interact with each other.
Web3 startup incubation: HELLO Labs incubates early-stage Web3 startups and provides them with funding, mentorship, and other resources.