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Heart Test Laboratories (NASDAQ:HSCS) specializes in innovative cardiac health solutions, focusing primarily on developing and marketing advanced electrocardiogram (ECG) technologies. Their flagship project, the MyoVista wavECG Technology, aims to significantly improve the detection of heart disease by incorporating cutting-edge machine learning algorithms with traditional ECG techniques. The objective of Heart Test Laboratories is to enhance early diagnosis and monitoring of heart disease, striving to make cardiac care more accessible and effective for patients worldwide. Through continuous research and development, the company is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in cardiac diagnostics, ensuring better health outcomes for individuals at risk of heart disease.
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Health Care

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Southlake, United States

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/Medical Devices /Cardiovascular Diagnostics /MyoVista Device /Heart Monitoring /Clinical Research /Healthcare Innovation

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Overview of Heart Test Laboratories offerings
MyoVista wavECG Technology - A groundbreaking device that combines traditional ECG heart testing with proprietary waveform technology to detect cardiac dysfunction.
High Sensitivity ECG - An advanced version of the standard ECG, melding precise detection capabilities with an algorithm to improve the identification of heart disease.
Cardiac Risk Analysis Software - An intuitive software that analyzes ECG readings to provide healthcare professionals with a comprehensive risk assessment for cardiovascular diseases.
Mobile ECG Solutions - Portable devices designed to offer flexible and convenient heart monitoring and diagnostics, enhancing patient care outside traditional settings.
Heart Health Education Programs - Comprehensive programs aimed at educating healthcare providers and patients on the importance of early detection and management of heart conditions.
Remote Patient Monitoring Services - A service that allows for the remote collection and analysis of ECG data, ensuring continuous cardiac health monitoring.

Who is in the executive team of Heart Test Laboratories ?

Heart Test Laboratories leadership team
  • Mr. Andrew  Simpson
    Mr. Andrew Simpson
    CEO, President & Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Ms. Danielle  Watson
    Ms. Danielle Watson
    CFO & Treasurer
  • Mr. Mark T. Hilz
    Mr. Mark T. Hilz
    COO, Secretary & Director