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What does Healius do?
Healius Limited (ASX:HLS) is an Australian healthcare company that provides a range of medical services, including pathology, imaging, and day hospital services. Healius is one of the largest healthcare companies in Australia and has a strong track record of operational excellence and financial performance. Healius' operations are focused on the provision of high-quality, accessible, and cost-efficient healthcare services. The company has a network of over 1,800 locations and 12,000 employees across Australia. Healius' services are used by over 10 million Australians each year.
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What sector is Healius in?

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Health Care

Where is the head office for Healius?

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Head Office
New South Wales, Australia

What year was Healius founded?

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What does Healius specialise in?
/Health /Medical /Pathology /Healthcare /Radiation /Hospital

What are the products and/or services of Healius?

Overview of Healius offerings
Pathology services: Provides a comprehensive range of pathology services, including blood tests, tissue biopsies, and cytology tests.
Imaging services: Provides a range of imaging services, including X-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine.
Radiation oncology services: Provides radiation therapy treatment for cancer patients.
Day hospital services: Provides a range of day surgery and day treatment services.
Medical centre services: Operates a network of medical centres that provide primary healthcare services.
New cancer treatment services development: Developing new cancer treatment services, such as immunotherapy and proton therapy.

Who is in the executive team of Healius?

Healius leadership team
  • Mr. Paul D. Anderson
    Mr. Paul D. Anderson
    MD, Group CFO, CEO & Director
  • Mr. John  McKechnie
    Mr. John McKechnie
  • Dr. Jan  Van Rooyen
    Dr. Jan Van Rooyen
    Head & Group Executive of Healius Pathology
  • Dr. Phil  Lucas
    Dr. Phil Lucas
    Chief Executive of Lumus Imaging
  • Ian  Mcphan
    Ian Mcphan
    Chief Operating Officer of Healius Pathology
  • Sharon  Ng
    Sharon Ng
    Head of Group FP&A
  • Ms. Mary Ellen Weaver AGIA
    Ms. Mary Ellen Weaver AGIA
    Company Secretary
  • Dr. John  Houston
    Dr. John Houston