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What does HAPI Protocol do?
HAPI Protocol (CRYPTO:HAPI) is a blockchain security solution that provides a diverse set of data on malicious and fraudulent activity. It is divided into two parts: an on-chain database of malicious addresses and activity, and an off-chain system for monitoring and vetting smart contracts and addresses. HAPI Protocol uses machine learning to process off-chain data and aggregate data from public and paid sources to ensure the highest accuracy of risk assessment. The HAPI Protocol team is currently working on expanding the number of blockchain networks that HAPI Protocol supports, developing new features and tools to make it easier and more efficient to use, and partnering with other blockchain projects to create a more integrated and seamless ecosystem. The overall objective of the HAPI Protocol team is to make the blockchain space safer and more secure for everyone. They are committed to building a platform that helps users protect themselves from malicious actors and make more informed decisions about their investments.
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