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Hammer Metals (ASX:HMX) is a mineral exploration company focused on discovering and developing large copper-gold deposits in the Yandal gold province of Western Australia, and the Mount Isa district of Queensland, Australia. The company's flagship project is the Mount Isa project, which consists of a number of prospective targets including Kalman, Lakeview, Elaine, Overlander and Jubilee. Hammer Metals is also exploring for gold, nickel and lithium in the heart of the Yandal province in Western Australia.
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Perth, Australia

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Mount Isa Project: with a substantial land area of approximately 2600km2, the project holds five copper/gold JORC resources alongside promising greenfield prospects, exhibiting remarkable iron oxide copper-gold potential.
Yandal Gold Province: located in Western Australia's Yandal Belt, the project is positioned amidst a gold-rich region with over 24 million ounces of gold deposits and a history of significant gold production.

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Hammer Metals leadership team
  • Mr. Daniel  Thomas
    Mr. Daniel Thomas
    MD & Director
  • Mr. Mark Edward Pitts B Bus, F.C.A., FCA, GAICD
    Mr. Mark Edward Pitts B Bus, F.C.A., FCA, GAICD
    Company Secretary
  • Mr. Mark  Whittle B.Sc., M.Sc.
    Mr. Mark Whittle B.Sc., M.Sc.
    Chief Operating Officer