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What does Grupo Televisa SAB do?
Grupo Televisa (BMV:TLEVISA), (NYSE:TV) is a major player in the media industry, focusing on a wide variety of operations including broadcasting, cable TV, publishing, and internet services. This company is deeply rooted in providing entertainment and information content across multiple platforms, aiming to reach a broad audience not only in Mexico but globally. Beyond its core broadcasting and cable services, Televisa is actively involved in sports and special event programming, film production, and broadcasting rights management, aiming to enrich its offering and cater to diverse viewer preferences. With a mission to lead in the convergence of media and telecommunications, Televisa is constantly exploring new projects and technologies to stay at the forefront of digital entertainment, ensuring its objectives align with the evolving media consumption trends.
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How many people does Grupo Televisa SAB employ?


What sector is Grupo Televisa SAB in?

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Communication Services

Where is the head office for Grupo Televisa SAB ?

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Head Office
Mexico City, Mexico

What year was Grupo Televisa SAB founded?

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Year Founded
What does Grupo Televisa SAB specialise in?
/Broadcasting Network /Cable Television /Satellite Television /Radio Broadcasting /Publishing House /Digital Media

What are the products and/or services of Grupo Televisa SAB ?

Overview of Grupo Televisa SAB offerings
Cable television services, providing a wide range of entertainment, news, and sports channels to subscribers.
Sky satellite television service, offering diverse programming, including exclusive sports broadcasting rights.
Univision content partnership, creating and distributing popular television content aimed at Hispanic audiences in the United States.
Televisa Publishing, publishing popular magazines and digital content across various genres and interests.
Blim TV, a streaming service offering a mix of Televisa's television content, exclusive series, and movies for on-demand viewing.
Educational services, including an extensive network of universities and online education platforms catering to a wide range of academic and professional development needs.

Who is in the executive team of Grupo Televisa SAB ?

Grupo Televisa SAB leadership team
  • Mr. Emilio Fernando Azcarraga Jean
    Mr. Emilio Fernando Azcarraga Jean
    Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Alfonso  de Angoitia Noriega
    Mr. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega
    Co-CEO & Director
  • Mr. Bernardo  Gomez Martinez
    Mr. Bernardo Gomez Martinez
    Co-CEO & Director
  • Mr. Carlos  Phillips Margain
    Mr. Carlos Phillips Margain
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Juan Pablo Newman
    Juan Pablo Newman
    Vice President of Operations & Profitability
  • Mr. Rodrigo  Villanueva
    Mr. Rodrigo Villanueva
    Vice President of Investor Relations
  • Mr. Luis Alejandro Bustos Olivares
    Mr. Luis Alejandro Bustos Olivares
    VP of Legal & General Counsel
  • Mr. Giovanni  Rier
    Mr. Giovanni Rier
    Vice President of Sales & Commercial Operations