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GreenTech Metals (ASX:GRE) is a mining explorer aiming to supply the critical metals needed for the global shift towards electrification. Their focus lies on nickel, copper, and platinum-group elements (PGEs) in Western Australia's underexplored West Pilbara region. Recognizing the growing demand driven by electrification, they're actively seeking additional projects to secure lithium, rare earths, and other specialty metals – both in Australia and abroad. With a high-quality portfolio of existing Ni, Cu, and PGE assets and a strategic acquisition approach, GreenTech Metals positions itself to play a key role in supplying the metals needed for a cleaner, more sustainable future.
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Perth, Australia

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/Battery metals /Lithium /Copper /Gold /Metals /Mining /Resources /Western Australia

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Overview of Greentech Metals offerings
Whundo Brownfield Project: Existing nickel-copper mine presenting potential for resource expansion and development.
Windimurra Project: Early-stage exploration targeting nickel-copper-PGE mineralization.
Mawson South Project: Early-stage exploration for nickel-copper mineralization.
Ruth Well Project: 100% owned project with potential for lithium pegmatite mineralization.
Osborne Joint Venture: Partnership project targeting lithium mineralization.
Dundas Project: Early-stage exploration for various commodities, including nickel, copper, and gold.

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Greentech Metals leadership team
  • Mr. Thomas H. Reddicliffe BSc (Geology), FAusIMM, MSc
    Mr. Thomas H. Reddicliffe BSc (Geology), FAusIMM, MSc
    Technical Director & Executive Chairman of Errawarra
  • Mr. Guy Adrian Robertson B.Com., B.Comm(Hons.), CA, MAICD
    Mr. Guy Adrian Robertson B.Com., B.Comm(Hons.), CA, MAICD
    Company Secretary & Director