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GreenPower Motor Company (TSXV:GPV), (NASDAQ:GP) is a forward-looking manufacturer focused on developing electric-powered vehicles aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and promoting sustainable transportation solutions. The company's operations span the design, production, and deployment of a diverse lineup of electric vehicles including buses, cargo vans, and shuttles that cater to a broad spectrum of public and private sector needs. Through its innovative projects and objectives, GreenPower seeks to address the growing demand for environmentally friendly transportation options, striving to make electric vehicles more accessible and efficient for people around the globe. With a commitment to quality, safety, and environmental stewardship, GreenPower is at the forefront of transforming the way the world moves, aiming to lead the transition towards a more sustainable and cleaner future in automotive transport.
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Where is the head office for GreenPower Motor Company?

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Vancouver, Canada

What year was GreenPower Motor Company founded?

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What does GreenPower Motor Company specialise in?
/Electric Buses /EV Star Minibus /Battery-Electric Vehicles /Public Transportation /EV Manufacturing /Zero-Emissions Initiative

What are the products and/or services of GreenPower Motor Company?

Overview of GreenPower Motor Company offerings
EV Star Series - A versatile lineup of zero-emission minibusses and cargo vehicles designed for transit, shuttle, and last-mile delivery services.
Beast Type D School Bus - An all-electric school bus focusing on safety, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability, catering to school districts' need for cleaner transportation.
EV250 Thirty-Foot Transit Bus - An electric bus tailored for urban and community transportation, offering a quiet and emission-free alternative to traditional diesel buses.
EV350 Forty-Foot Transit Bus - A larger electric transit bus providing efficient, clean public transportation solutions for cities and densely populated areas.
Nano BEAST - A compact, battery-electric school bus bringing sustainable transportation to smaller routes and special needs students with its innovative design.
Cab and Chassis - A flexible platform designed to support various electric vehicle build-outs, including last-mile delivery vans and specialized utility vehicles.

Who is in the executive team of GreenPower Motor Company?

GreenPower Motor Company leadership team
  • Mr. Fraser  Atkinson CPA, CA
    Mr. Fraser Atkinson CPA, CA
    Executive Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Brendan  Riley
    Mr. Brendan Riley
    President & Director
  • Mr. Michael  Sieffert
    Mr. Michael Sieffert
    CFO & Secretary
  • Ms. Yanyan  Zhang
    Ms. Yanyan Zhang
    Vice President of Program Management
  • Mr. Claus  Tritt
    Mr. Claus Tritt
    VP of Medium Duty & Commercial Vehicle Sales
  • Ms. Taylor  Freeland
    Ms. Taylor Freeland
    Sr. Manager & Head of Human Resources
  • Mr. Frank  Zhang
    Mr. Frank Zhang
    Corporate Controller
  • Mr. Michael  Perez
    Mr. Michael Perez
    Vice President of School Bus, Contracts & Grants