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STEPN (CRYPTO:GMT) is a multifaceted Web3 lifestyle app that seamlessly blends Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements, offering a dynamic and rewarding experience for its users. This innovative platform ingeniously combines gaming and social interaction to motivate individuals to embrace a more active lifestyle. The heart of STEPN lies in its decentralized team, comprised of dedicated developers and community members. Together, they steer the app's development and maintenance, while also fostering the growth of the STEPN community. This community-oriented approach underscores the platform's commitment to collaborative and sustainable growth. STEPN's vision extends beyond the app itself, with ambitious projects aimed at expanding its ecosystem. Among these, the development of a decentralized exchange (DEX) stands out, which will enable users to trade the native GST token and other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, STEPN is working on a mobile wallet to empower users to conveniently store and manage their GST and other digital assets on their mobile devices. These endeavors align with STEPN's overarching goals: promoting a healthier lifestyle, simplifying engagement with Web3, and nurturing a vibrant STEPN community. With a robust team and a burgeoning community, STEPN is well-poised to make substantial contributions to the evolving landscape of Web3 and Game-Fi, offering an engaging and holistic approach to a healthier, more interactive digital experience.
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South Australia

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/Binance Launchpad /BNB Chain /BNB Smart Chain /Collectibles & NFTs /Gaming /Solana Ecosystem

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Game-Fi: STEPN has a variety of game-like features, such as leaderboards, challenges, and rewards. This makes it more fun and engaging for users to move and earn GST.
Move-to-earn: Users can earn STEPN's native token, GST, by moving around outdoors. The amount of GST earned is proportional to the distance traveled and the speed of movement.
NFT marketplace: Users can buy and sell STEPN sneakers, which are NFTs that represent different types of shoes. Sneakers have different attributes that affect the amount of GST earned per move.
Sneaker rental: Users can rent sneakers from other users to get started with STEPN without having to purchase their own sneakers.
Social-Fi: STEPN has a built-in social media platform where users can connect with friends and other STEPN users. Users can also create and join clubs to earn additional rewards.
Web3 lifestyle app: STEPN is a comprehensive Web3 lifestyle app that combines Social-Fi, Game-Fi, and Move-to-earn in one place. This makes it a convenient and easy way for users to get involved in Web3 and to earn crypto while moving around.