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What does Great Southern Mining do?
Great Southern Mining (ASX:GSN) is an Australian mineral exploration company seeking gold and nickel across Western Australia and Queensland. With a focus on advanced-stage projects, they target areas with existing infrastructure and historical success. The company’s flagship Duketon Gold Project is located within the Duketon Greenstone Belt which it shares with Regis Resources, which has been successful in the identification of +8Moz of gold resources.
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Where is the head office for Great Southern Mining?

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Head Office
Perth, Australia

What year was Great Southern Mining founded?

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Year Founded
What does Great Southern Mining specialise in?
/Gold Exploration /Resource Development /Mineral Projects /Regional Focus /Drilling Programs /Sustainable Practices

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Overview of Great Southern Mining offerings
Duketon Gold Project: Flagship project with multiple high-grade gold discoveries, aiming to become a significant gold producer.
East Laverton Nickel Project: Early-stage nickel exploration with promising conductors identified, targeting potential battery metal resources.
Mon Ami Gold Project: Holds historical gold resources, with further exploration planned to unlock its potential.
Edinburgh Park Project: Early-stage gold exploration project in an established goldfield, showcasing potential for further discoveries.

Who is in the executive team of Great Southern Mining?

Great Southern Mining leadership team
  • Mr. John Sotirious Terpu M.A.I.C.D
    Mr. John Sotirious Terpu M.A.I.C.D
    Executive Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Mark  Petricevic A.C.A., AGIA, B.Com.
    Mr. Mark Petricevic A.C.A., AGIA, B.Com.
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Matthew  Keane
    Mr. Matthew Keane
    MD & Director