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What does Great Elm Group do?
Great Elm Group (NASDAQ:GEG) is a publicly-traded investment firm specializing in alternative assets. They focus on growing a diversified portfolio that includes credit, real estate (through their subsidiary Monomoy Properties REIT), specialty finance, and other non-traditional investments. GEG targets high-growth businesses and provides financing solutions beyond what traditional banks offer, aiming to meet their liquidity needs and fuel their expansion.
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Where is the head office for Great Elm Group?

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Waltham, United States

What year was Great Elm Group founded?

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What does Great Elm Group specialise in?
/Investment Management /Specialty Finance /Real Estate Services /Capital Solutions /Management Consulting /Technological Solutions

What are the products and/or services of Great Elm Group?

Overview of Great Elm Group offerings
Credit Investments: GEG offers various credit solutions beyond traditional bank loans. This might involve providing loans to companies with unique risk profiles or those needing flexible repayment structures.
Real Estate Investments: Through their subsidiary Monomoy Properties REIT, GEG invests in and manages real estate properties, potentially including industrial properties, office buildings, or other asset classes.
Specialty Finance: GEG caters to specific industries or asset classes with financing solutions tailored to their needs. For example, they might offer financing for infrastructure projects, media companies, or healthcare ventures.
Private Equity and Venture Capital: GEG might also invest in private companies with high growth potential through private equity or venture capital funds they manage.
Customized Investment Solutions: GEG can potentially structure unique investment vehicles or financial products to meet the specific requirements of institutional investors seeking exposure to alternative assets.
Investment Management Services: GEG manages investment portfolios for a variety of clients, aiming to generate attractive returns through their alternative asset expertise.

Who is in the executive team of Great Elm Group?

Great Elm Group leadership team
  • Mr. Jason W. Reese
    Mr. Jason W. Reese
    CEO & Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Adam Michael Kleinman J.D.
    Mr. Adam Michael Kleinman J.D.
    President & Secretary
  • Ms. Nichole Painter Milz
    Ms. Nichole Painter Milz
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Peter Andrew Reed
    Mr. Peter Andrew Reed
  • Ms. Keri A. Davis
    Ms. Keri A. Davis
    Chief Financial Officer