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What does Graincorp do?
GrainCorp (ASX:GNC) is an Australian agribusiness company with an integrated operating model connecting growers to domestic and international consumers in over 50 countries. The company's operations include grain handling, storage, and transport, as well as the processing and marketing of grain products. GrainCorp's operations are focused on the handling, storage, and transportation of grain. The company owns and operates a network of over 250 grain storage facilities across Australia. GrainCorp also provides a range of other services, such as grain marketing, risk management, and grain processing.
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What sector is Graincorp in?

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Consumer Staples

Where is the head office for Graincorp?

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Head Office
Sydney, Australia

What year was Graincorp founded?

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What does Graincorp specialise in?
/Agriculture /Farming /Food /Wheat /Commodities

What are the products and/or services of Graincorp?

Overview of Graincorp offerings
Handles and stores grain for customers: Provides a range of grain handling and storage services for customers, including farmers, traders, and processors.
Provides grain marketing and risk management services: Helps customers to market their grain and manage their risk exposure.
Exports grain to international markets: Exports grain to over 50 countries around the world.
Develops new grain products and services: Develops new grain products and services to meet the changing needs of customers.
Improves its operational efficiency: Continuously improves its operational efficiency to reduce costs and deliver better value to customers.
Reduces its environmental impact: Strives to reduce its environmental impact through various initiatives, such as renewable energy and water conservation.

Who is in the executive team of Graincorp?

Graincorp leadership team
  • Mr. Robert J. Spurway B.E.
    Mr. Robert J. Spurway B.E.
    CEO, MD & Director
  • Mr. Ian  Morrison
    Mr. Ian Morrison
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Klaus  Pamminger
    Mr. Klaus Pamminger
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ms. Cate M. Hathaway
    Ms. Cate M. Hathaway
    Chief People & Transformation Officer
  • Ms. Stephanie  Belton L.L.B., M.B.A.
    Ms. Stephanie Belton L.L.B., M.B.A.
    Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Group General Counsel & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Jesse  Scott
    Mr. Jesse Scott
    Chief Innovation & Growth Officer
  • Ms. Annerly  Squires B.Com., L.L.B.
    Ms. Annerly Squires B.Com., L.L.B.
    Group Legal Counsel & Company Secretary