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What does Gold Road Resources do?
Gold Road Resources (ASX:GOR) is a mid-tier gold producer with operations and exploration projects in Western Australia. The company's flagship asset is the Gruyere gold mine, which is one of the largest gold mines in Australia. Gold Road also has a number of other exploration projects at various stages of development, including the Yamarna project, the Tampia project, and the South Yamarna project.
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Where is the head office for Gold Road Resources?

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Perth, Australia

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/Gold /Mining /Resources /Exploration /Western Australia

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Overview of Gold Road Resources offerings
Mining and exploration: Gold Road Resources is a gold mining and exploration company with a focus on developing and operating gold mines in Western Australia.
Yamarna Gold Project: The Yamarna Gold Project is Gold Road's flagship project, and is one of the largest undeveloped gold deposits in Australia.
Greenfield exploration: Gold Road Resources is also engaged in greenfield exploration, with a focus on identifying new gold deposits in Western Australia.
Growth projects: Gold Road Resources is developing a number of growth projects, including the Gruyere Expansion Project and the Central Bore Gold Project.
Sustainability: Gold Road Resources is committed to sustainable mining practices, and is working to reduce its environmental and social impact.
Community engagement: Gold Road Resources is committed to engaging with the communities in which it operates, and is working to build positive relationships.

Who is in the executive team of Gold Road Resources?

Gold Road Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Duncan  Gibbs
    Mr. Duncan Gibbs
    MD, CEO & Director
  • Mr. John  Mullumby
    Mr. John Mullumby
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Duncan  Hughes
    Mr. Duncan Hughes
    General Manager of Corporate Development & Investor Relations
  • Ms. Julie  Jones
    Ms. Julie Jones
    Joint Company Secretary & General Counsel
  • Ms. Jessica  Logan
    Ms. Jessica Logan
    General Manager of People & Culture
  • Mr. John  Donaldson
    Mr. John Donaldson
    Principal Resource Geologist
  • Ms. Keely  Woodward
    Ms. Keely Woodward
    Joint Company Secretary