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Gnosis (CRYPTO:GNO) is a prominent decentralized infrastructure platform centered on the creation and management of prediction markets and various decentralized applications (dApps). Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, it utilizes the GNO token as its native currency. The Gnosis ecosystem presents a range of products and services, which include Gnosis Safe, a multi-signature wallet and asset management platform catering to DAOs and organizations. Gnosis Auction stands as a decentralized auction platform that supports various auction formats. Gnosis Conditional Tokens offer a framework for generating and trading prediction market tokens, while Gnosis Zodiac provides a set of tools and standards for the construction of composable DAOs. Gnosis doesn't limit its contributions to its own ecosystem; it actively participates in other projects like DAOstack, a platform for building and managing DAOs, the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), a nonprofit dedicated to developing decentralized identity standards, and the Prediction Markets Protocol (PMP), which defines a standard for creating and trading prediction market tokens. The primary objectives of Gnosis encompass the development and maintenance of the infrastructure for decentralized prediction markets and dApps, the promotion of decentralized prediction market adoption, and active support for the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem. As a key player in the decentralized prediction market arena, Gnosis is at the forefront of driving innovation and advancement within the Ethereum ecosystem.
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Berlin, Germany

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/Arbitrum Ecosystem /Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Token /DeFi /Kenetic Capital Portfolio /Prediction Markets /Services

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Overview of Gnosis offerings
Gnosis Auction House: A decentralized auction house for NFTs and other digital assets.
Gnosis Auction: A decentralized auction platform that supports a variety of auction formats.
Gnosis Conditional Tokens: A framework for creating and trading prediction market tokens.
Gnosis Protocol: A decentralized protocol for building prediction markets and other decentralized applications.
Gnosis Safe: A multi-signature wallet and asset management platform for DAOs and other organizations.
Gnosis Zodiac: A set of tools and standards for building composable DAOs.
These services make Gnosis a powerful platform for building and using decentralized applications.