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GlucoTrack (NASDAQ:GCTK) specializes in the development of non-invasive glucose monitoring devices designed for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes. The company's flagship product, GlucoTrack, aims to eliminate the need for routine finger-prick blood tests by providing a pain-free method to measure blood glucose levels. Their technology is based on a combination of ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and thermal waves to analyze glucose in the body, offering a revolutionary approach to daily glucose monitoring. GlucoTrack's mission is to improve the quality of life for diabetics by providing an easy, painless way to keep track of their glucose levels, encouraging better disease management and control. The company is focused on research and development, aimed at enhancing the accuracy and user-friendliness of their devices, while also exploring new markets and opportunities for their cutting-edge technology.
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Health Care

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Rutherford, United States

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/Glucose Monitoring /Non-Invasive Device /Diabetes Management /Healthcare Technology /Wearable Device /Research Development

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Overview of GlucoTrack offerings
GlucoTrack® DF-F non-invasive glucose monitoring device, offering diabetes patients a pain-free method to monitor blood glucose levels without the need for finger pricking.
Development of advanced algorithms for improved glucose measurement accuracy, ensuring reliable diabetes management.
Partnerships with healthcare professionals for the integration of non-invasive glucose monitoring technologies into diabetes care plans.
Continuous research on non-invasive glucose monitoring technologies to expand applications beyond diabetes management.
Educational programs aimed at patients and healthcare providers to promote the understanding and benefits of non-invasive glucose monitoring.
Outreach and awareness campaigns to increase the adoption of non-invasive glucose monitoring among diabetes communities.

Who is in the executive team of GlucoTrack?

GlucoTrack leadership team
  • Mr. Paul V. Goode Ph.D.
    Mr. Paul V. Goode Ph.D.
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Mark  Tapsak Ph.D.
    Mr. Mark Tapsak Ph.D.
    Vice President of Technology
  • Ms. Drinda  Benjamin
    Ms. Drinda Benjamin
    Vice President of Marketing
  • Mr. James P. Thrower Ph.D.
    Mr. James P. Thrower Ph.D.
    Vice President of Engineering
  • Mr. Avner  Gal MBA, MSc.EE
    Mr. Avner Gal MBA, MSc.EE
    Co-Founder, Chairman Emeritus, Consultant and Member of Scientific & Clinical Advisory Board
  • Mr. David  Malka BA
    Mr. David Malka BA
  • Mr. James S. Cardwell
    Mr. James S. Cardwell
    Chief Financial Officer