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What does Global X E-commerce ETF do?
Global X E-commerce ETF (NASDAQ:EBIZ) focuses on investment opportunities within the global e-commerce sector, targeting companies across varied markets that are prominently positioned to benefit from the proliferating shift towards online shopping and digital transactions. The ETF aims to harness the growth potential of both retail and business-to-business e-commerce platforms, spanning a diverse range of geographies and consumer segments. Through its targeted investments, Global X E-commerce ETF seeks to offer shareholders exposure to the expansive and evolving online marketplace, aspiring to capitalize on the digital economy's dynamic growth. Its objective encompasses supporting investors in navigating the rapidly changing e-commerce landscape, with an eye towards long-term capital appreciation.
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New York, United States

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/Stock Fund /E-commerce Exposure /Equity Investments /Market Capitalization /Industry Growth /Index Tracking

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Overview of Global X E-commerce ETF offerings
Tracks E-commerce Index: EBIZ follows the Solactive E-commerce Index, which holds companies positioned to benefit from the growth of e-commerce.
Invests in E-commerce Businesses: The ETF invests in companies across various segments of e-commerce, including: E-commerce platforms, E-commerce software and services, and Online retailers.
Provides Diversification: By holding a basket of e-commerce related companies, EBIZ offers investors diversification within the e-commerce sector.
Seeks Investment Returns: The ETF's objective is to mirror the price and yield performance of the underlying index, allowing investors to potentially benefit from the growth of e-commerce.