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Gitcoin (CRYPTO:GTC) is a platform that facilitates community-led funding for open-source software and digital public goods. It is powered by the Gitcoin token, GTC, which is used to incentivize participation in the platform and to reward contributors. Gitcoin has supported the funding of over 3,700 projects and has distributed over $50 million in funding. Gitcoin's flagship product is Gitcoin Grants, a quarterly grants program that uses quadratic funding to distribute funds to open-source projects. Quadratic funding is a type of funding mechanism that rewards projects with more funding the more people who support them, and it is designed to reduce the influence of large donors. Gitcoin is also developing a number of other products and protocols, including Allo, a suite of tools for managing grants programs, and Passport, a Sybil defense tool that helps to protect communities from bots and bad actors.
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Boulder, Colorado

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/DAO /Paradigm Portfolio

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Overview of Gitcoin offerings
Allo: A financial tooling platform that helps communities level up their financial tooling stack.
Gitcoin Grants: A quarterly grants program for open-source & impact-oriented projects.
Grants Stack: A suite of software that allows communities to launch their own grants programs.
Identity and Protection: Solutions that make it possible to run grants programs, get funding, and donate - all securely and reliably.
Passport: A tool that helps communities protect themselves from bots and bad actors.