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GET Protocol (CRYPTO:GET) is a decentralized ticketing infrastructure provider that is using blockchain technology to create a more efficient and transparent ticketing ecosystem. The platform offers a white-label full suite ticketing solution and a digital twin NFT layer for existing ticketing companies to tap into. GET Protocol is also working on a number of projects, including decentralized event financing, NFT tickets, and an API for developers. GET Protocol's objective is to make it easier for event organizers to sell tickets and for fans to buy tickets, while also reducing the amount of fraud in the ticketing industry.
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Decentralized Event Financing: GET Protocol's decentralized event financing product allows artists and event organizers to raise funding for their events through decentralized finance (DeFi). This gives event organizers more control over their finances and allows them to raise money from a global audience.
Digital Twin NFT Layer: GET Protocol's digital twin NFT layer allows event organizers to create and sell NFT tickets. NFT tickets provide a number of benefits, such as tamper-proof tickets, fraud-resistant tickets, and secondary market royalties.
GET Protocol Analytics Dashboard: GET Protocol's analytics dashboard provides event organizers with real-time data on their ticket sales and event attendance. This data can be used to improve ticket sales and marketing campaigns.
GET Protocol API: GET Protocol's API allows developers to integrate GET Protocol's features into their own applications. This makes it easy for developers to build new and innovative ticketing experiences.
GET Protocol Fraud Prevention: GET Protocol's fraud prevention features help to protect event organizers from ticket fraud. These features include tamper-proof tickets, fraud-resistant tickets, and a blacklisting system.
White-Label Ticketing Solution: GET Protocol provides a white-label ticketing solution that can be customized to meet the needs of any event organizer.