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What does Genesis Minerals do?
Genesis Minerals Limited (ASX:GMD) is an Australian gold exploration and development company with a focus on the Leonora Gold Project in Western Australia. The company's flagship asset is the Leonora Gold Project, which has a Mineral Resource of 2.0Moz of gold and a Reserve of 1.0Moz of gold. Genesis' operations are focused on the development and exploration of gold. The company is developing the Leonora Gold Project and is exploring for new gold resources in the Leonora Gold District.
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Where is the head office for Genesis Minerals?

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Head Office
Perth, Australia

What year was Genesis Minerals founded?

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Year Founded
What does Genesis Minerals specialise in?
/Gold /Mining /Resources /Metals /Western Australia

What are the products and/or services of Genesis Minerals?

Overview of Genesis Minerals offerings
Gold exploration: Explores for gold deposits in the Leonora region of Western Australia.
Gold development: Develops gold deposits into mines.
Gold production and sales: Produces and sells gold.
Leonora Gold Project: Developing the Leonora Gold Project, a gold mine in Western Australia.
New gold deposit exploration: Exploring for new gold deposits in the Leonora region.

Who is in the executive team of Genesis Minerals?

Genesis Minerals leadership team
  • Mr. Raleigh John Finlayson
    Mr. Raleigh John Finlayson
    MD, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Morgan Scott Ball B.Com., C.A., FFin, MAICD
    Mr. Morgan Scott Ball B.Com., C.A., FFin, MAICD
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Lee  Stephens
    Mr. Lee Stephens
    General Manager of Projects & Operations
  • Mr. William T. Irvin
    Mr. William T. Irvin
    Corporate Development Officer
  • Mr. Geoffrey A. James ACIS, AGIA, B.Bus, CA
    Mr. Geoffrey A. James ACIS, AGIA, B.Bus, CA
    Company Secretary
  • Mr. Dale  Richards BSc (Hons), GDE
    Mr. Dale Richards BSc (Hons), GDE
    Chief Geologist