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What does GeneDx do?
GeneDx (NASDAQ:WGS) specializes in genomic analysis and testing, offering advanced solutions to enhance patient care by deciphering complex genetic information. Its operations focus on leveraging cutting-edge genomics to facilitate early diagnosis and personalized treatment strategies, particularly for rare disorders, cancers, and neurological conditions. With a robust portfolio of projects, GeneDx aims to integrate precision medicine into routine healthcare, making in-depth genetic insights accessible to a wider patient base. Their objective is to empower clinicians with precise diagnostic tools and actionable data, thereby improving outcomes and quality of life for patients around the globe.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for GeneDx ?

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Stamford, United States

What year was GeneDx founded?

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What does GeneDx specialise in?
/Genetic Testing /Diagnostic Services /Genomic Analysis /Rare Disorder /Clinical Consultation /Research Collaboration

What are the products and/or services of GeneDx ?

Overview of GeneDx offerings
Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) - Offers detailed analysis of all protein-coding genes to diagnose rare genetic conditions.
Genetic Counseling Services - Provides personalized counseling on genetic testing results and implications.
Prenatal Screening Tests - Early detection options for chromosomal abnormalities in fetuses.
Custom Panel Testing - Tailored genetic tests for specific conditions or families' unique genetic concerns.
Carrier Screening - Assesses individuals' or couples' risk of passing genetic conditions to offspring.
Cancer Genetics Testing - Identifies inherited cancer risks and guides personalized treatment plans.

Who is in the executive team of GeneDx ?

GeneDx leadership team
  • Ms. Katherine A. Stueland
    Ms. Katherine A. Stueland
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Kevin  Feeley
    Mr. Kevin Feeley
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Karen  Ponchner
    Ms. Karen Ponchner
    Senior VP & Head of Operations
  • Mr. Eric  Olivares Ph.D.
    Mr. Eric Olivares Ph.D.
    Chief Product & Technology Officer
  • Mr. Devin K. Schaffer J.D., M.B.A.
    Mr. Devin K. Schaffer J.D., M.B.A.
    General Counsel
  • Mr. Paul  Kruszka M.D.
    Mr. Paul Kruszka M.D.
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Ms. Melanie  Duquette
    Ms. Melanie Duquette
    Chief Growth Officer
  • Sabrina  Dunbar
    Sabrina Dunbar
    Chief of Staff