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What does GCX Metals do?
GCX Metals (ASX:GCX) is an Australian explorer focused on critical metals essential for the green energy transition. Their main projects are the Dante nickel-copper-PGE project in Western Australia's West Musgrave region and the Onslow copper-gold project in the Pilbara. GCX prioritizes exploration, development, and sustainability throughout their projects.
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Perth, Australia

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What does GCX Metals specialise in?
/Precious Metals /Mining Exploration /Resource Development /Gold Projects /Silver Projects /Sustainable Operations

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Overview of GCX Metals offerings
Diversified Critical Metals Explorer: GCX Metals focuses on discovering and developing critical metals crucial for the green energy transition.
Dante Project: Located in Western Australia's West Musgrave region, this project explores large magmatic copper-gold-platinum group element-nickel targets and outcropping mineralized PGE and gold reef systems.
Onslow Project: Situated in the Pilbara region, this project targets copper and gold with potential for banded-iron-formation hosted gold and iron-oxide copper-gold mineralization.
Southern Cross Project: This lithium exploration project in Western Australia identified a large lithium soil anomaly through a recent sampling program.
Drill-Ready Targets: GCX has identified drill-ready targets for both nickel-copper-PGE at Dante and copper-gold at Onslow, aiming to progress towards drilling stages.
Sustainability Focus: GCX prioritizes conducting exploration that benefits all stakeholders, including Aboriginal communities, through sustainable development practices.

Who is in the executive team of GCX Metals?

GCX Metals leadership team
  • Mr. Thomas Walter Line
    Mr. Thomas Walter Line
    CEO, MD & Director
  • Mr. Gregory D. Swan ACIS, AFin, B.Com., C.A., FCIS
    Mr. Gregory D. Swan ACIS, AFin, B.Com., C.A., FCIS
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • Dr. Scott William Halley
    Dr. Scott William Halley
    Chief Geochemist
  • Mr. Travis  Kerslake
    Mr. Travis Kerslake
    Senior Geologist
  • Mr. Daniel  Trentham
    Mr. Daniel Trentham
    Financial Controller