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What does Gari Network do?
Gari Network (CRYPTO:GARI) is a crypto-powered creator economy that aims to empower creators and build a more decentralized and sustainable creator economy. On Gari Network, creators are rewarded for creating and sharing content on the Chingari app with GARI tokens. GARI tokens can be redeemed for fiat currency, used to purchase goods and services on the Chingari app and other Gari Network-integrated platforms, or staked to earn rewards. Gari Network is also developing a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to govern the network and a marketplace where users can buy and sell GARI tokens and other digital assets. By rewarding creators for their work directly with cryptocurrency and reducing the need for intermediaries, Gari Network is creating a more sustainable and decentralized creator economy. This will give creators more control over their careers and allow them to generate more income.
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