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Galan Lithium (ASX:GLN) is an Australian lithium exploration and development company, focused on developing its high-grade lithium brine projects in Argentina and Australia. The company's flagship project is the Hombre Muerto West Lithium Project, which is located in the Salar de Hombre Muerto salar, one of the largest and highest-grade lithium brine salars in the world. Galan's operations are focused on exploring and developing its lithium brine projects in Argentina. The company has a team of experienced geologists and engineers working on its projects, and is using cutting-edge technology to explore and develop its resources.
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Perth, Australia

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/Lithium /Battery metals /Energy /Argentina /Western Australia

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Galan Lithium's flagship project, HMW is located on the Hombre Muerto salar in Argentina, within South America's 'lithium triangle'. The project is home to the world's highest-grade and lowest-impurity lithium brine deposits.
Candelas is another 100%-owned lithium brine project located on the Hombre Muerto salar. The project has a Mineral Resource of 685kt containing LCE @ 672 mg/l Li, and the potential to provide a substantial amount of processing water by treating its low-grade brines with reverse osmosis.
Greenbushes South is a 100%-owned lithium exploration project located in Western Australia, approximately 3km south of the Tier 1 Greenbushes Lithium Mine. The project has the potential to host a significant lithium resource, and Galan is currently conducting exploration activities to further define the extent of the mineralisation.

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Galan Lithium leadership team
  • Mr. Juan Pablo Vargas de la Vega
    Mr. Juan Pablo Vargas de la Vega
    MD & Director
  • Mr. Graeme  Fox
    Mr. Graeme Fox
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Alvaro  Henriquez
    Mr. Alvaro Henriquez
    Geology Manager
  • Mr. Michael J. Robbins
    Mr. Michael J. Robbins
    Company Secretary