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What does Future Fintech Group do?
Future Fintech Group (NASDAQ:FTFT) is a technology-driven company focusing on the development and application of blockchain technologies. Initially established as a fruit juice company, it has pivoted towards becoming a full-fledged financial technology provider. Its operations now encompass blockchain-based online shopping, supply chain financing services, and a digital payment system. Future Fintech is dedicated to leveraging its technological edge to facilitate the digital transformation in the financial sector, aiming to innovate payment solutions and enhance the efficiency of financial services. The company's projects range from blockchain-based e-commerce platforms to cryptocurrency mining and digital asset management, reflecting its commitment to exploring the frontier of fintech innovation and its objective to become a key player in the digital economy.
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What sector is Future Fintech Group in?

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Consumer Staples

Where is the head office for Future Fintech Group?

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Head Office
New York, United States

What year was Future Fintech Group founded?

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Year Founded
What does Future Fintech Group specialise in?
/Blockchain Technology /Online Retail /Fruit Juice Products /Financial Services /Cryptocurrency Mining /Agricultural Plantations

What are the products and/or services of Future Fintech Group?

Overview of Future Fintech Group offerings
Blockchain-based online shopping mall integrating digital payment systems for a seamless shopping experience.
Digital asset management services, offering innovative solutions for managing digital assets securely and efficiently.
Custom blockchain development services tailored for businesses looking to harness the power of blockchain technology.
Cryptocurrency mining operations aimed at producing digital currencies through a network of mining farms.
Cross-border remittance services, enabling fast and secure international money transfers using blockchain technology.
E-commerce services, leveraging blockchain to enhance security and efficiency in online transactions.

Who is in the executive team of Future Fintech Group?

Future Fintech Group leadership team
  • Mr. Shanchun  Huang
    Mr. Shanchun Huang
    CEO, President & Director
  • Mr. Ming  Yi
    Mr. Ming Yi
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Peng  Lei
    Mr. Peng Lei
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ms. Ying  Li
    Ms. Ying Li
    VP & Director
  • Mr. Youwang  Peng
    Mr. Youwang Peng
    Vice President of Marketing
  • Ms. Crystal  Lee
    Ms. Crystal Lee
    Executive Vice President
  • Mr. Ola J.  Lind
    Mr. Ola J. Lind
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Ms. Natasha  Zhang
    Ms. Natasha Zhang
    Corporate Secretary