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Future Battery Minerals (ASX:FBM) is an Australian exploration and development company focused on finding and developing key battery minerals including lithium, nickel and copper. The company's flagship project is the Nevada Lithium Project, strategically located in the USA in close proximity to the Tesla Gigafactory. It is also exploring for lithium at the Kangaroo Hills Lithium Project, located in the goldfields of Western Australia. Future Battery Metals also has a number of nickel and copper projects in Western Australia and South Australia which it is currently exploring.
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Perth, Australia

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/Nickel /Lithium /Resources /Mining /Copper /Mineralisation /Battery Materials

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Overview of Future Battery Minerals offerings
Nevada Lithium Project: includes five main prospects, Traction, San Antone, Heller, Lone Mountain, and Western Flats, spanning over 90 km2 of highly promising ground for significant sedimentary-hosted lithium deposits.
Kangaroo Hills Lithium Projects: a new hard rock lithium find situated in Western Australia's Goldfields. Spodumene mineralisation in Lithium-Caesium-Tantalum pegmatites was identified during regional exploration drilling of the Nepean Nickel Project in late 2022.
The Saints Nickel Project: positioned in the high-grade nickel mining zone of the Norseman-Wiluna Greenstone Belt, Western Australia. The project holds three known occurrences of nickel sulphide mineralisation: Saint Andrews, Saint Patricks, and the Western Contact.
Leinster Nickel Project: positioned around 40km southeast of the town of Leinster and roughly 60km north-northwest of Leonora in Western Australia. Leinster forms part of the renowned Leinster gold, nickel, and base-metal province.
Bonaventura Project: a large exploration package of 415km² in the northern part of Kangaroo Island in South Australia and covers highly prospective geology and historic mines along 55km of strike of the regional scale Cygnet-Snelling Fault. Bonaventura has four zinc – copper targets, Dewrang, Vinco, Grainger and Kohinoor.
South Australia: Other projects include the Arden Project and Torrens East Copper Project.

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Future Battery Minerals leadership team
  • Mr. Robin  Cox
    Mr. Robin Cox
    Technical Director & Director
  • Mr. Nicholas  Rathjen
    Mr. Nicholas Rathjen
    CEO, MD & Director
  • Ms. Silfia  Morton
    Ms. Silfia Morton
    CFO & Joint-Company Secretary
  • Mr. Peter  Sheehan
    Mr. Peter Sheehan
  • Mr. Matthew  Worner
    Mr. Matthew Worner
    Joint Company Secretary