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What does Fusion Fuel Green do?
Fusion Fuel Green (NASDAQ:HTOO) is a dynamic company focused on creating green hydrogen technology to promote sustainable energy solutions. The company is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol HTOO. Fusion Fuel Green is dedicated to developing innovative and efficient hydrogen production methods by combining photovoltaic electricity generation and electrolysis in a single step, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency of green hydrogen production. Its projects span various regions, aiming to build a robust infrastructure for hydrogen fuel, support the decarbonization of industrial sectors, and contribute to the global transition towards clean energy. Objectives include expanding its market presence, advancing hydrogen technology for broader applications, and achieving significant milestones in reducing greenhouse gas emissions through its green hydrogen projects.
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Where is the head office for Fusion Fuel Green ?

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Dublin, Ireland

What year was Fusion Fuel Green founded?

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What does Fusion Fuel Green specialise in?
/Hydrogen Production /Solar Energy /Renewable Resources /Green Ammonia /Climate Solutions /Clean Technology

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Overview of Fusion Fuel Green offerings
Development and deployment of HEVO-SOLAR technology, an innovative green hydrogen production solution combining photovoltaic solar power with electrolysis.
Manufacturing of HEVO electrolyzer, designed for efficiency in splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable energy sources.
Production of zero-emission green hydrogen, facilitating clean energy solutions for industrial, mobility, and energy sectors.
Creation of green hydrogen plants, leveraging proprietary technology for sustainable hydrogen production at competitive costs.
Green hydrogen project development services, offering end-to-end solutions from feasibility studies to operation and maintenance of hydrogen production facilities.
Collaboration with international partners on green hydrogen projects, emphasizing scalability and the reduction of carbon footprint globally.

Who is in the executive team of Fusion Fuel Green ?

Fusion Fuel Green leadership team
  • Mr. Frederico  Figueira de Chaves
    Mr. Frederico Figueira de Chaves
    CEO, Secretary & Director
  • Mr. Gavin  Jones
    Mr. Gavin Jones
    Interim CFO & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Mr. Andre  Antunes
    Mr. Andre Antunes
    COO & Chief Production Officer
  • Mr. Jaime  Silva
    Mr. Jaime Silva
    CTO, Head of Innovation & Director
  • Benjamin  Schwarz
    Benjamin Schwarz
    Head of Investor Relations
  • Ms. Catia  Carvalho
    Ms. Catia Carvalho
    Head of Human Resources
  • Mr. Joao  Teixeira Wahnon
    Mr. Joao Teixeira Wahnon
    Director & Chief of Business Development
  • Mr. Mario  Garma
    Mr. Mario Garma
    Head of EMEA & EPC and Chief Engineering Officer