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FORTA (CRYPTO:FORT) is a decentralized security network that protects smart contracts from hacks and exploits. The FORTA network is powered by a community of security researchers who develop and deploy bots that scan smart contracts for vulnerabilities and malicious activity. When a bot detects a threat, it sends an alert to the FORTA network, which then notifies the affected users and projects. The FORTA team is currently working on expanding the FORTA network, developing new tools and resources for the FORTA community, and educating the smart contract community about security best practices. The main objective of the FORTA team is to create a secure and sustainable smart contract ecosystem. The team believes that FORTA can help to prevent hacks and exploits by providing early detection and warning of threats.
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Zug, Switzerland

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/a16z Portfolio /AI & Big Data /Blockchain Capital Portfolio /Coinbase Ventures Portfolio /Cybersecurity /Ethereum Ecosystem /Placeholder Ventures Portfolio

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Overview of Forta offerings
Affordable and accessible: Forta is affordable and accessible to all users. There are no upfront fees or subscription costs. Instead, users pay a fee for each alert that they receive.
Decentralized and community-driven: The Forta network is decentralized and powered by a community of security researchers. This means that Forta is constantly evolving and improving, as new threats are discovered and new bots are developed.
Open source and transparent: Forta is an open-source project, and all of its code is publicly available. This means that anyone can audit Forta's code and verify its functionality.
Real-time threat detection: Forta's bots are constantly scanning smart contracts for threats, so that alerts can be sent out as soon as possible. This allows users and projects to take action to mitigate the risk of a hack or exploit.
Smart contract security monitoring: Forta continuously monitors smart contracts for vulnerabilities and malicious activity. When a threat is detected, Forta sends an alert to the affected users and projects, so that they can take action to mitigate the risk.
Supported by a leading team: Forta is supported by a team of experienced security researchers and blockchain developers. The team is committed to making Forta the most secure and reliable smart contract security monitoring platform.