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Focus Minerals (ASX:FML) is an Australian gold explorer and developer with a strong financial position and a strategic partnership with major international gold producer Shandong Gold International Mining Company. Focus's operations are focused on its two gold projects in Western Australia, the Coolgardie Gold Project and the Laverton Gold Project.
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Perth, Australia

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/Gold /Mining /Exploration /Western Australia /Resources

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Overview of Focus Minerals offerings
Coolgardie Gold Project: the company is currently refurbishing the Three Mile Hill processing plant and is expected to commence mining and ore stockpiling in early 2023.
Laverton Gold Project: the exploration program at Laverton has delivered a number of significant gold discoveries and resource upgrades. The Company is currently drilling at the Beasley Creek South deposit as part of work towards its first JORC 2012 Mineral Resource.

Who is in the executive team of Focus Minerals?

Focus Minerals leadership team
  • Mr. Wanghong  Yang
    Mr. Wanghong Yang
    CEO, MD & Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Fengfan  Sun
    Mr. Fengfan Sun
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Rodney  Johns
    Mr. Rodney Johns
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Alexis  Aaltonen
    Mr. Alexis Aaltonen
    General Manager of Exploration
  • Mr. Lingquan  Kong
    Mr. Lingquan Kong
    Principal Engineer & Executive Director
  • Mr. Chik Ong  Chen ACIS, ACSA, B.Com., BCom, FCIS, GradDipAppFin, M.B
    Mr. Chik Ong Chen ACIS, ACSA, B.Com., BCom, FCIS, GradDipAppFin, M.B
    Company Secretary