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Flynn Gold (ASX:FG1) is an Australian mineral exploration company hunting for gold and battery metals (lithium, tin, nickel) in underexplored areas of Tasmania and Western Australia. They hold a significant land package across both states, with an early-mover advantage in Tasmania's northeast, boasting geological similarities to Victoria's renowned goldfields. In Western Australia, they spread their focus across gold, lithium, and nickel projects with promising potential. By diversifying their portfolio and prioritizing under-explored regions, Flynn Gold aims to unlock value for shareholders through successful exploration and discovery.
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Victoria, Australia

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/Gold Mining /Exploration Services /Resource Development /Mineral Processing /Sustainable Practices /Community Engagement

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Overview of Flynn Gold offerings
Northeast Tasmania: Focused on gold exploration, with projects like Golden Ridge, Warrentinna, and Portland showing promising early results.
Northwest Tasmania: Exploring for zinc-lead-silver (Henty project) and gold-cobalt-tungsten-copper (Firetower project).
Pilbara: Targeting lithium and gold, with projects like Mt Dove and Yarrie holding early-stage exploration potential.
Yilgarn: Diversified portfolio including gold-lithium projects (Forrestania, Lake Johnston, Koolyanobbing) and other mineral exploration (nickel, tin).

Who is in the executive team of Flynn Gold?

Flynn Gold leadership team
  • Mr. Neil Andrew Marston B.Com., Fcis, Fgia, M.A.I.C.D.
    Mr. Neil Andrew Marston B.Com., Fcis, Fgia, M.A.I.C.D.
    CEO & MD
  • Mr. Samuel James Melville Garrett
    Mr. Samuel James Melville Garrett
    Technical Director & Director
  • Mr. Sean  Westbrook
    Mr. Sean Westbrook
    Exploration Manager
  • Mr. Mathew  Watkins C.A.
    Mr. Mathew Watkins C.A.
    Company Secretary