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What does Fleetwood do?
Fleetwood (ASX:FWD) is an Australian manufacturer of modular buildings and construction solutions. The company operates through three divisions: Building Solutions, Community Solutions, and Recreational Vehicle (RV) Solutions. Fleetwood's Building Solutions division designs, manufactures, and instals modular buildings for a variety of applications, including commercial, residential, and industrial. The company's Community Solutions division provides affordable housing and accommodation solutions to government and community organisations. Fleetwood's RV Solutions division manufactures and sells a range of recreational vehicles, including caravans, motorhomes, and campervans.
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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Fleetwood?

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Head Office
Victoria, Australia

What year was Fleetwood founded?

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What does Fleetwood specialise in?
/Construction /Housing /Accommodation /Modular /Prefabricated /Building

What are the products and/or services of Fleetwood?

Overview of Fleetwood offerings
Fleetwood Homes: Fleetwood designs and builds a range of modular and prefabricated homes, including granny flats, transportable homes, and permanent homes.
Fleetwood Commercial: Fleetwood designs and builds a range of commercial buildings, including offices, warehouses, and retail stores.
Fleetwood Modular: Fleetwood designs and builds modular buildings, which are prefabricated buildings that can be assembled quickly and easily on-site.
Fleetwood Portable Buildings: Fleetwood designs and builds portable buildings, such as site offices and portable classrooms.
Fleetwood Construction Services: Fleetwood offers a range of construction services, including project management, construction management, and design and construct services.
Fleetwood Hire: Fleetwood offers a range of equipment for hire, including cranes, forklifts, and scaffolding.

Who is in the executive team of Fleetwood?

Fleetwood leadership team
  • Mr. Bruce  Nicholson
    Mr. Bruce Nicholson
    CEO, MD & Director
  • Ms. Elizabeth  Maynard B.Com., L.L.B.
    Ms. Elizabeth Maynard B.Com., L.L.B.
    General Counsel & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Andrew  McCormack B.E., M.A.
    Mr. Andrew McCormack B.E., M.A.
    General Manager of WHSE & Human Resource
  • Ms. Tara  Goldsworthy
    Ms. Tara Goldsworthy
    Executive General Manager of Manufacturing
  • Mr. David  Bolton
    Mr. David Bolton
    Executive General Manager ? Building Solutions
  • Mr. Andrew Christopher Arapakis
    Mr. Andrew Christopher Arapakis
    Executive General Manager of RV Solutions
  • Ms. Cate  Chandler
    Ms. Cate Chandler
    Chief Financial Officer